Things to do in Budapest

Following our 3 day trip to Budapest, i thought i should put together a list of things to do and see in this great capital city. I would say it’s quite easy to get around on foot, especially if you are located somewhat central. We stayed at Hotel Moments which is located on Andrassy ut and except for a few attractions, everything was whitin walking distance. The places a bit further out that we visited were the Vajdahunyad castle located in City Park and Szecheny Baths opposite the park. To walk it takes you about 40 minutes but when it’s -5 degrees you dont really want to. A taxi trip is about 10 minutes and around 1500 HUF IF  you get a registered taxi.

The Parliament Building

A popular tourist attraction which lies on the bank of the Danube.The building is on the Gothic Revival style, and the Dome is Renaissance Revival. If you visit for the first time and want to have a tour you need to register on their website , its quicker and saves you waiting in the queues.


Chain bridge

The first permanent connection across Danube to link Pest and Buda.It is a 19th century suspension bridge particularly beautiful when lit up at night.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Fisherman’s bastion is a terrace with 7 towers in neo-gothic and neo-romanesque style on the Castle Hill offering amazing views over the river Danube, Margaret Island and Pest where the impressive Parliament Building is.

Matthias Church

A roman catholic church in gothic style located in front of the Fisherman’s bastion and one of the best landmarks of the city. There are people selling mulled wine outside the church which is really nice in winter time, but you will find that at the bottom of the hill or on the Buda Castle grounds it sells for half the price.

Vajdahunyad Castle

Interesting to find out that originally it was built from cardboard and wood, and after becoming popular it was rebuilt in 1904 and today houses the biggest agricultural museum in Europe. It’s a nice walk around, with the City Park behind and ice rink in front.

Heroes square

At the end of Andrassy ut., Heroes square is one of the major squares in Budapest and of great history importance.

St. Stephen Basilica

Named after the first King of Hungary, and one of the world’s top ten most photographed buildings. The church in neoclassical architecture is right in the centre with the view especially nice approaching from the river. They hold regular concerts, and offers great views over Budapest from the tower.

Thermal Baths

On our stay we visited Szechenyi thermal baths which is one of the largest medicinal baths in Europe. There are 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools of varying temperature. Also steam rooms, saunas and massages available. It is very busy, and found staff not very helpful to be honest. Whilst the  experience to be in an outdoor pool with water at 34 degrees when outside are -2  was very nice, i am more of a spa and wellness hotel type of girl myself no matter how good for your health the natural springs are. Also, some of the steam rooms were not functional while we were there, and the saunas were just crammed.

Shoes on the Danube and the Danube Promenade

The shoes on the Danube Bank is a memorial in honour of the people killed in the WWII. They were ordered to take off their shoes and shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies will be carried away.

The promenade it extends from the Szechenyi Bridge to Elisabeth Bridge. I personally love it at night when everything is lit and offers amazing views. Daytime is great as well, and if you start your way from the Szechenyi bridge towards the end that’s where the Shoes on the Danube memorial is and the Parliament Building  on your right.

Great market hall

Largest and oldest indoor market in Hungary, with stalls selling local produce like the famous Paprika and souvenirs on the upper floor. For me it was more the building that i liked more  than anything else.

Dohany street Synagogue

Well worth a visit, the Synagogue is of great historic importance and the 3rd largest in the world. I did not go inside, but reading reviews it sounds impressive and might have missed out. Nevertheless, the jewish quarter is well worth a stroll.


These are just a few places that we visited, but obviously there are more attractions and things to do depending on your time and budget. Budapest was amazing and for anyone that considers visiting i would say go for it. People are nice, great culture and history, for those who like shopping there is plenty of choice. Not to mention the buzzing nightlife with all the clubs and bars.











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